Plastic Injection Molds

There’s a reason customers choose Franchino Mold when looking for industry-leading plastic injection molds.  With an average of more than 20  years experience, our engineers and skilled machinists are prepared to meet any challenge in designing and building plastic injection molds.

Franchino Mold holds the world record for creating the largest aluminum plastic injection mold in existence: weighing in at over 430,000 pounds.

Our facility houses a variety of quality machines that, along with our skilled operators, will perform operations to produce the best molds possible. We have the capacity to produce:

  • High Pressure Injection Molds
  • Low Pressure Injection Molds
  • Compression Molds
  • Structural Foam Molds
  • Gas Assist Molds
  • Stack Molds
  • Production Aluminum Molds

Whether you require die cast dies, plastic injection molds, contract machining or engineering services, trust Franchino Mold & Engineering Company to deliver precisely what your company needs every time.

Plastic Injection Mold Repair

If you have plastic injection molds in need of repair, send it to us and we will restore it to its original functionality. We strive to repair molds quickly and to the highest quality standards in order to reduce the down time loss for your company.

Plastic Injection Molds – Featured Projects: