Engineering & Design

Franchino Mold’s team of engineers has the experience necessary to complete even the most complex job. Our engineers have worked on thousands of products across numerous industries; with our more than half century of experience, we can draw on our vast product knowledge to complete your plastic mold, die cast die or machining project to your exact needs.

Designing to Your Specifications

Our in-house product design and engineering services are available to help you with the process of tooling development from start to finish. Just two examples:

  • An entrepreneur came in with a product idea sketched on a napkin.  Franchino Mold worked with him to complete a part design, designed and built a tool, and helped source the tool for production.
  • Another customer came in needing a replacement mold, but didn’t have the original design documents.  We were able to take his part, reverse engineer the design, and create a new mold that exactly matched the old one.

Die Cast Die Design

Engineering and DesignIf you need help developing a design for your die cast die, Franchino Mold’s engineers can work with you to produce a design that will perform exactly as you need it to.  Unlike other shops, our engineers design dies and molds for a living.

Plastic Mold Design

Our engineering department can design your plastic mold to meet your exacting standards.  We work with plastic injection molds of all sizes – from extremely small to world-record setting large.  We will work with you to produce a design that will perform exactly as you need it to.  Our engineers design dies and molds for a living.

Product Development

New product development can be a difficult and time consuming process. Franchino Mold can lighten the load of product development by assisting with the design and offering consultations based on what we’ve learned through years of new product design experience.

Inspection Services

Quality AssuranceOur commitment to delivering the highest quality product means that Franchino Mold’s quality insurance inspection system reviews every project to make sure it meets all specifications and is defect-free.  We have dedicated quality personnel who use specialized inspection equipment for each and every project.

Reverse Engineering

In some cases, you may have parts that need to be replaced, but the product has either changed from the original design or you may not have the original CAD data.  Franchino Mold offers reverse engineering services from full product to model.  Our engineering department has proven experience in performing the reverse engineering you need to reproduce your parts.

ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.