An Automotive Customer

Dear Franchino Mold:
Auto TestimonialWe would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your company’s efforts over the past several months. Your dedication to quality and commitment to delivery has benefited us and our customers. The following are just a few examples:

  • The most aggressive reservoir program that we have tooled to date.
  • A set of soft tools to sustain our customer’s production while the hard tools were being built. In addition, your organization took on, for the first time, the assembly and testing of the reservoirs in efforts to streamline the system. This was followed by a flawless quality audit by our customer.
  • Tools that have required 1) immediate compensations to keep customers running, 2) significant work to resolve mold-sticking issues, 3) surface rework and grain repair to quickly address a quality issue and 4) a rapid response to repair a broken core.

In each case, your organization responded to our urgent need for help.  Thanks again for helping us maintain a commitment to excellence.

A Construction Customer

Dear Franchino Mold:
construction-squareI would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for you and your company’s hard work in developing this new product. You have opened up many doors for my company and the possibilities seem endless. I now have many other ideas I wish to develop and with your help I know we can make each product a success.

It was nice to start a relationship with a company that not only engineers and manufactures molds, but helps develop products at the start of programs. Your engineering department is second to none and your hard work has paid off for my company.

With so many mold builders to choose from, none of them are as diverse as Franchino Mold. Your dedication to customer satisfaction has paid off. Thanks again for the hard work.

A Waste Water Customer

Dear Franchino Mold:
waste-water-squareWhat started as a search five years ago for a company to provide mold repair services developed into a solid relationship with an outstanding mold manufacturing company. We have been extremely pleased not only with your solid engineering and mold construction but also with your level of service.

In my 30 plus years in the plastic business, I have not, until Franchino Mold, met a group of individuals who provide their customers with so much. Your interest in your customers goes beyond the sale. We greatly appreciate your attention to detail during mold construction as well as the service you provide at our plants with start up and maintenance. This goes beyond the efforts of most other mold shops and puts your company at the top of the profession.

It is truly a pleasure doing business with such an outstanding organization and you should be proud of your company and your employees.

A Storm Water Customer

Dear Franchino Mold:
storm-water-squareThere are a number of shops that can build large molds but very few that can offer as much to our company as Franchino Mold. Your expertise in mold design and construction has helped us produce an award winning product that is making great inroads into a market that has been dominated by the plastic and metal pipe industries.

Your product design services, mold engineering, mold construction and project management capabilities are beneficial to smaller companies that do not have the staff to oversee these important details. Your attention to detail and service after the sale make your company, in our opinion, one of the top in the industry.

We appreciate all that you have done for us and look forward to a long and profitable relationship. Thank you.