About FMEC

Our growth tells the story. Our products back it up. Whether you require die cast dies, plastic injection molds, contract machining, die/mold repair or engineering services, trust Franchino Mold & Engineering Company to deliver precisely what your company needs every time.

Serving the Mold & Die Industry Since 1955

Franchino Mold & Engineering is a privately owned and operated business serving the mold and die industry since 1955. Founded in Lansing, MI, Franchino Mold has consistently offered the highest level of craftsmanship and constantly raised manufacturing standards. Today, Franchino Mold remains an industry leader in the U.S. and across the globe.

Producing Quality Dies and Injection Molds

Franchino Mold designs, engineers and manufactures custom die cast dies and plastic injection molds – as well as providing die/mold repair services and contract machining. Our goal is to produce results with products that exceed our customers’ quality and schedule expectations while providing growth and prosperity for the company and its employees. Our commitment to providing competitive wages for our team members and attracting and retaining the most skilled, qualified and motivated people in the trade ensures Franchino Mold customers have the best of the best working on their projects.

Continuous Improvement in the Die Industry

Our customers are on the leading edge of their industries, and they choose Franchino Mold because we are on the cutting edge of ours. Our culture of continuous improvement, implementation of lean techniques and pushing ourselves to improve daily means that we stay on top of the latest technology, tools, techniques and quality systems – all to the benefit of our customers.